Stuart Simonsen

Insights & Updates into Gold & Investing

A Serial Entrepreneur & A Self-Proclaimed “Gold Bull”…

Stuart Simonsen has long been passionate about innovation. As an eight year old kid, he remembers heading out to the driveway to help his older brothers fix up their classic cars. “They were nice – they let me pretend to help them,” Stuart says.

After Concordia College, Stuart followed that spirit of innovation into the banking industry, but his knack for strategy and mathematical predictions caught the eye of a broker at the company he was working for, and Stuart was soon convinced his winning record of personal portfolio management might be a bigger asset to him in the future than he may have thought. From there, that passion for chasing opportunity led him down a path of success that would stun that little eight year old boy.

As a Portfolio Manager for Brevan Howard from 2004-2006, Stuart went on to work at TradeLink, and Grizzly Peak Limited Partnership before moving into his current role of Partner and Director of Joint Ventures at Saddlebrook Investments, LLC. “My favorite part is seeking out new investment strategies and opportunities,” says Stuart. That, and the fact that Stuart Simonsen brands himself as a bit of a “gold bull” is the inspiration behind his desire to start sharing some info on the current state of gold, investing opportunities, and what gold looks like in the digital age. (i.e. gold-backed cryptocurrency).

In his free time, Stuart Simonsen loves collecting and restoring classic cars, a seed that was planted some years ago when he used to hang out with his older brothers while they were fixing up their rides.

A firm believer of the adage, “When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life,” Stuart’s infectious joy for his career, family, and hobbies is undeniable, and his success in business is, in no small way, a result of this attitude and ability to foster it in the people around him.

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